Storm Damage: How to Assess and Address Emergency Tree Removal

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Tree Services

Storms can cause significant damage to trees, posing a threat to your property and safety. If you live in Santa Cruz, CA, or surrounding areas like Aptos, Carmel, or Gilroy, you should know how to assess and address storm-damaged trees. This article will guide you through the process and explain how Tree Service Santa Cruz can help with emergency tree removal.

Assessing Storm Damage

Identifying Damaged Trees

After a storm, inspecting your property for damaged trees is essential. Look for the following signs:

  • Broken or hanging branches
  • Cracked or split trunks
  • Uprooted or leaning trees
  • Root damage or exposed roots

Evaluating the Severity of Damage

Once you’ve identified damaged trees, you need to determine the severity of the damage. Consider the following factors:


  • Size and location of broken branches: Larger branches or those near power lines, structures, or walkways pose a greater risk.
  • The extent of trunk damage: Cracks or splits that compromise more than 50% of the trunk’s circumference can be hazardous.
  • Stability of leaning trees: Trees that lean more than 15 degrees from vertical or have visible root damage may require removal.

Deciding on a Course of Action

After evaluating the damage, you can decide on the best course of action:

  • Minor damage: Trees with small broken branches or minimal trunk damage may only require tree pruning or tree trimming.
  • Moderate damage: Trees with larger broken branches or more significant trunk damage may need more extensive pruning or support systems.
  • Severe damage: Trees with substantial trunk damage, severe leaning, or root damage may require tree removal.

Addressing Storm Damage with Tree Service Santa Cruz

Emergency Tree Removal

When a tree threatens your property or safety, it’s essential to address the issue promptly. Tree Service Santa Cruz offers emergency tree removal services to quickly and safely remove hazardous trees in areas like Hollister, Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

If your trees have sustained minor to moderate damage, Tree Service Santa Cruz can help by providing expert tree pruning and tree trimming services. Regular maintenance can help prevent future storm damage and keep your trees healthy.

Costs of Services

While the costs of tree services can vary depending on factors like tree size and location, Tree Service Santa Cruz is committed to providing affordable and transparent pricing. Visit our pages on tree pruning cost, tree removal costs, and tree trimming cost to learn more about our pricing structure.

Safety and Expertise

Tree Service Santa Cruz professionals prioritize safety when dealing with storm-damaged trees. Our team has the expertise and equipment to handle hazardous tree situations, reducing the risk of injury or property damage.

Service Areas

Tree Service Santa Cruz proudly serves many locations, including Watsonville, Salinas, and Monterey. No matter where you live in the Santa Cruz area, our skilled arborists are ready to help you assess and address storm damage on your property.


Storm damage can be a significant concern for homeowners in Santa Cruz, CA, and its surrounding areas. Knowing how to assess and address storm-damaged trees is essential to protect your property and ensure your safety.

By following the guidelines outlined in this article and partnering with Tree Service Santa Cruz for emergency tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming, you can confidently address storm damage and maintain the health and beauty of your property. Don’t hesitate to contact Tree Service Santa Cruz for all your tree care needs after a storm; our team is ready to help restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

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