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by | Sep 11, 2020 | Tree Services

While some property owners in Santa Cruz spend only $200 on tree removal, some trees may cost over $2000 to bring down. A large number of property owners, however, spend $400 to $1,200, with the non-risky medium-sized tree costing $750 to get rid of. 

The tree removal cost is affected by numerous factors. When inspecting trees to create a quotation, tree removal professionals consider the factors outlined below. 

Factors Affecting the Tree Removal Cost in Santa Cruz, CA 

1. Tree Height and Diameter 

Tree removal professionals charge an average of $8 to $15 per foot. The height-based cost changes depending on a variety of other factors, including the complexity and the time needed to remove the tree. 

Removing taller trees is generally more costly. Tall trees are generally heavier, which increases the risk associated with tree removal. To handle a tree with a height of 100 feet, more tools – sometimes, this may include cranes – may be needed to keep the tree from falling on sensitive structures. 

The process of bringing down large trees can take days. Removing a 10-foot crepe myrtle, on the other hand, takes 1 or 2 hours. 

Tree diameter is largely dependent on the height of a tree. The tallest trees will have the biggest diameters. To remove a tree, professionals have to cut through the tree’s stem – trees with large diameters generally take more time. 

Small Tree Removal Cost 

Small tree removal is extremely easy. The professionals will be dealing with a tree whose height does not exceed 30 feet and a diameter of fewer than 15 inches. Taking down such a tree takes an hour or two. Tree removal professionals charge $150 to $400 to bring down small trees. 

Medium Tree Removal Costs 

For a tree to fit in the medium category, its height falls between 30 and 60 feet. The diameter of its trunk will be 15 to 19 inches. Medium tree removal takes 4 – 8 hours. Professionals will charge you $450 to $750 to remove these trees. 

Large Tree Removal Cost

These trees have a height of 60 – 100 feet. Their trunks have diameters of between 20 and 24 inches. Large tree removal is more complicated and can take one or more days, depending on how experienced your tree removal team is. The cost of removing large trees varies between $900 and $1,200. 

Very Large Tree Removal Cost 

These are trees with a height of above 100 feet. Trees like white pine can grow to 150 feet, with a trunk diameter of more than 25 inches. The removal cost of very large trees sits between $1,300 and $2,000. 

2. Crane-Assisted Removal 

Cranes are needed to assist with the removal of extremely large trees in risky conditions. These trees are generally too heavy and the slightest mistakes could drop them on amenities, leading to costly repair costs. 

Since most tree removal professionals do not own cranes, tree owners often have to hire these machines separately – the crane cost is generally added to the quoted tree removal cost. To rent a crane in Santa Cruz, you will spend $200 to $600 per day. You will also need to pay the crane operator $50 to $100.  

You may be quoted $1500 to remove a 115 feet pine tree without a crane. If the crane is needed, the tree removal cost will increase to between $1700 and $2200, depending on the amount you pay to rent the crane. 

3. Tree Species 

The tree species plays a key role in the size of the tree. It is also a defining factor when it comes to wood-hardness and tree weight. A tree that has a height of 100+ feet, is hardwood, and incredibly heavy will have a higher tree removal cost compared to one with a more manageable size and is softwood. 

Oak Tree Removal Cost 

In Santa Cruz, oak trees have heights of 30 to 100 feet. Medium-sized oak trees (those with heights of between 30 and 60 feet) will have a tree removal cost of $200 to $800. Oak trees with heights of 60 to 100 feet cost $800 to $1000 to remove.

Sycamore Tree Removal Cost 

These trees are medium-sized, with most of them having a height of 30 – 60 feet. Removing sycamore trees costs $600 to $900. 

Pine Tree Removal Cost

While most pines are 60 to 80 feet tall, some can reach over 100 feet – for example, the white pine which grows to 150 feet tall. Depending on the height of your pine tree, the tree removal cost may vary between $200 and $2000. 

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Cost

Homeowners with eucalyptus trees spend the most money when they need to remove these trees. The trees have a large height and trunk diameter. Eucalyptus costs $1,200 to $3000 to remove. 

Conifer Tree Removal Cost 

Although conifer is a large tree, its removal is much easier. This makes its removal cost much lower compared to trees in its height category. You should expect to spend $800 to $1,100 on conifer tree removal. 

Maple Tree Removal Cost 

Maple trees have a height of 100+ feet at maturity. The tree has a complicated removal process. Getting rid of maple tree costs $1000 – $1,700 in Santa Cruz, CA. 

4. Tree Conditions 

Several conditions often affect the tree removal process. If the condition makes the removal process easier, the tree removal cost reduces. In the event the condition makes the tree removal more complicated, the cost of removing the tree may be higher. Below, we have outlined the most common tree conditions: 

Weak Branches 

These branches could fall on the removal professionals unexpectedly – this could lead to significant injuries. Also, if the tree is next to important utilities, the branches could detach and cause significant damages. To avoid treatment and repair costs, professionals prefer to prune the trees before removal. 

Cavities and Decays 

These are good signs that the tree is unstable. A slight imbalance could break the tree trunk, forcing the tree to fall. To keep the tree from falling, professionals may need to take additional cautionary measures – this will increase the necessary tree removal time. 

Significant Lean 

It is normal for trees to have slight leans. However, when the lean increases significantly in a few weeks, this is a clear sign that your tree is on its way to falling. If the tree is leaning over important utilities, a lot of effort may be needed to keep the tree from causing significant damage. However, if the tree is leaning over a clear field, the tree removal process might be easier. 

Fallen Tree Removal Cost 

Fallen trees are generally easier to remove. Trees that have fallen on open grounds can have a tree removal cost as low as $75 to $150. The cost, however, might increase if the fallen tree is lying on important utilities – to remove such a tree without causing further damage, the tree removal professionals may need additional time. 

Dead Tree Removal Cost 

If your tree is dead, the removal cost might be reduced to $75 to $400. This is because dead trees are generally lighter and easier to manage. 

5. Accessibility 

If your tree is surrounded by zero utilities, its removal will just involve cutting through the base. However, when a tree is surrounded by utilities, more effort and time will be needed to bring the tree down foot by foot from the top. 

6. Additional Costs  

The following costs are generally not included in the tree removal quote. They are taken care of separately: 

Tree Chipping 

This process involves cutting the tree trunk into small pieces. This allows the professionals to transport the tree to the dumpsite. Tree chipping costs $50 – $100. 

Wood Splitting 

At an average of $100 per tree, you can get the tree pruning professionals to convert the tree trunk into firewood. 

Inconvenience Costs 

Emergency tree removal services incur a higher cost. Since the tree removal experts aren’t given enough time to prepare for the tree removal procedure, they charge an extra 10% of the normal tree removal cost for the inconveniences. 

It is, however, worth noting that home insurers do pay for emergency tree removal. Before paying for the procedure out of your pocket, first, call your home insurer to see if they can cover the cost. 

Stump Removal Cost 

If you would like to get rid of a tree stump after tree removal, be prepared with an additional $100 to $150. If your goal is to clear a large field filled with stumps, the following costs may apply to you: 

  • Per diameter inch price – Each inch of the stump’s diameter will cost you $2 – $3. However, the professionals may require you to pay a minimum cost of $100. 
  • Per stump price – You may pay $150 for the initial stump. For the remaining stumps, you may spend $50 on each. 
  • Per hour price – When professionals clear large areas, they often charge an hourly price of $150. 

Travel Costs 

If you are not in the service zone of the professionals you invite to handle tree removal, you should be prepared to pay a travel fee of $0.5 per mile.

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